1. Basic Conditions

1.1. This Document applies to the AssetsAndGraphics Site at https://assetsandgraphics.com.

1.2. This Document governs the relationship between the Administration of the AssetsAndGraphics Site and the user of this Site.

1.3. The Site is allowed to change, add, or delete parts of this Document  at any time without notifying the user.

1.4. The use of the Site by the user constitutes their acceptance of this Document and the amendments made to this Document.

1.5. User is responsible for checking this Document for changes in it.

2. Subject of this Document

2.1. The subject of this Document is providing the user’s access to the goods and services on the Site.

2.1.1. The Site provides the following services:

– enabling the user to publish messages, comments, reviews rating the content of the Site;

– access to information about goods and their purchase.

2.1.2. All available services on the Site, as well as any subsequent modifications and extra services of the Site, which appear in the future, fall within the scope of this Document.

2.2. Access to the Site is free.

2.3. The use of the materials and services of the Site is subject to the norms of the current legislation.

3. The Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties 

3.1. The Site is allowed:

3.1.1. Change the rules for the use of the Site, as well as change the content of this Site. The changes shall come into force upon the publication of the new edition of this Document on the Site.

3.1.2. Restrict access to the Site in case the user breaches the terms of this Document.

3.1.3. Collect, analyze, use, and share the information about the User contained on the Site, including information about the contact and personal data of the user, his actions on the Site, etc.

4.2. Users have the right to:

4.2.1. Gain access to the Site.

4.2.2. Use all available services on the Site and purchase any goods offered there.

4.2.3. Ask any questions according to the Site’s services.

4.2.4. Use the Site only for appropriate purposes.

4.3 Users must:

4.3.1. Provide extra data that is relevant to the services provided by this Site.

4.3.2. Comply with the copyright laws when using the Site.

4.3.3. Avoid taking any actions, which can be regarded as disturbing the normal operation of the Site.

4.3.4. Never disclose confidential information about individuals or legal entities.

4.3.5. Avoid actions that may result in violation of data confidentiality.

4.3.6. Never use the Site for distribution of advertising information, except with the consent of the Site.

4.3.7. It is prohibited to use the Site for: Sharing content that is illegal, violates any rights of third parties; promotes violence, cruelty, and discrimination; contains false information and insults to specific individuals, organizations. Violating the rights of minors and harming them in any form. Representing oneself as another person or representative of an organization, including employees of this Site. Misrepresenting the properties and characteristics of any goods on the Site. Improperly comparing the Goods, as well as forming a negative attitude towards people who do not buy particular goods.

4.4. Users are not allowed to:

4.4.1. Use any devices, programs, algorithms, and methods to access, acquire, copy, or monitor the Site content;

4.4.2. Disturb the Site operation;

4.4.3. Obtain information, documents, or materials through means that are not provided by this Site;

4.4.4. Obtain unauthorized access to the Site and the services provided there; 

4.4.5. Violate the Site’s security or authentication system;

4.4.6. Track information about other users of the Site;

4.4.7. Incite Site users to unlawful activities that violate the rights of others.

5. Site Usage

5.1. The Site is owned and operated by the Administration of the Site.

5.2. Users cannot copy, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute the content of the Site without the consent of the Administration.

5.3. The content of the Site is protected by copyright and other rights related to intellectual property, and legislation on unfair competition.

5.4. If a person uses some of the Site’s services, he may need to create an account.

5.5. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information.

5.6. Users must notify the Administration of the unauthorized use of their profile or password.

5.7. The Administration can cancel the User’s account if it has not been used for over a year, without notifying him.

5.8. This Document applies to all extra terms and conditions on the purchase of goods and the provision of services on the Site.

5.9. The information on the Site shall not be construed as an amendment to this document.

5.10. The Site Administration is allowed to change the list of goods on the Site and the prices applicable to them.

6. Responsibilities 

6.1. The Site Administration does not compensate the losses which the User may suffer in case of violation of any provision of this Document, as well as due to unauthorized access to the communications of another User.

6.2. The Site Administration is not responsible for:

6.2.1. Delays or failures in the process of a transaction caused by failures in telecommunications, computer, electrical, and other related systems.

6.2.2. Actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems, and delays connected with their work.

6.2.3. The proper functioning of the Site if the User does not have the necessary technical means for its use, as well as does not have any obligation to provide users with such means.

6.2.4. The content on the Site.

6.3. Users are responsible for the interpretation and use of the content on the Site.

7. Violation of the Terms of This Document

7.1. The Site Administration is allowed to disclose any information about Users if it is required in connection with an investigation or complaint of misuse of the Site, or to identify Users who may violate or interfere with the rights of the Administration or other Users.

7.2. The Site Administration is allowed to disclose any information about the User, which it considers necessary for the execution of provisions of the current legislation.

7.3. The Site Administration reserves the right to block access to the Site without notifying the User if this person has violated the rules of this Document.

7.4. The Site Administration shall not be responsible to the User or any third party for the termination of access to the Site in case of violation of this Document.