1. Return of Goods of Proper Quality

1.1. The return or exchange of goods that do not have any defects or flaws is possible within 30 days from the date of purchase.

1.2. Return of such goods is allowed only if their consumer qualities and marketable appearance are preserved and the warranty card or cash voucher confirming the purchase of goods from the seller is available. The absence of such documents does not limit the buyer’s right to provide other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller.

1.3. If the buyer rejects the goods, the seller must return the amount paid by the buyer, except for the expenses of the seller for the delivery of goods returned from the buyer. If a gift was enclosed with the returned product, the buyer must return it with the mandatory preservation of its merchantability. The buyer shall not be entitled to return or exchange a purchase if it has certain characteristics and can only be used by a particular consumer.

2. Documents for Returning Goods to the Seller

2.1. The return or exchange of goods is documented by a document that states:

2.1.1. Information about the name of the seller and the product;

2.1.2. Name and surname of the buyer;

2.1.3. Sum of money to be returned; 

2.1.4. Date of sale and delivery of the goods to the buyer. 

3. Returning of the Goods of Improper Quality

3.1. When the goods are defective or have flaws, if this has not been previously agreed with the seller, the buyer has the right to demand to 

3.1.1. Eliminate the identified defects or reimburse the costs incurred by the buyer connected to the repair;

3.1.2. Reduce the purchase price by paying the difference;

3.1.3. Replace with the same goods of another developer with a recalculation of the total payment amount.

3.2. If the subject of the return is expensive or technically complex goods, claims will be satisfied only if the examination reveals significant defects. 

3.3. Concerning technically complex goods, which have no defects or flaws, the buyer has the right to refuse to fulfill the terms of the contract and demand a refund of the amount paid for these goods, or an exchange for a similar product with a recalculation of the purchase price. If defects are claimed by the buyer about technically complex goods within the stipulated deadline, his claims will be satisfied if the goods are handed over to the seller to establish the fact that they are of improper quality, by identifying the claimed defects and the causes of their occurrence. 

3.4. The buyer may waive the above claims in favor of a full refund for the goods. 

3.5. The buyer may also request compensation for damages caused by the use of defective goods. 

3.6. If the seller refuses to hand over the paid purchase, the buyer may withdraw from the concluded transaction, claiming compensation for the damages incurred as a result of the seller’s misconduct. From the moment of accepting the claim and returning the goods, the seller is obliged to refund the buyer the amount paid for the goods. In case of returning goods of improper quality, the absence of proof of purchase does not deprive the buyer of the opportunity to provide other evidence of the purchase of goods from this seller. 

3.7. Nonconformity of the goods with the declared properties is confirmed by the expertise, which is carried out at the expense of the seller and does not require extra expenses from the buyer. Quality check is carried out in a specialized service center that has the appropriate licenses. 

3.8. The seller has no right to satisfy the buyer’s claims without an expert examination, the purpose of which is to determine the causes of the defect and the validity of the claims.

3.9. The deadline for fulfilling the buyer’s claims commences from the moment the goods are returned to the seller. Until then the seller is not liable for any delay in fulfilling its obligations. 

3.10. If the results of the examination show that the goods have lost their consumer properties through no fault of the seller, the buyer must pay the costs of the examination, storage of the goods, and their transportation.

3.11. If during the examination it is established that the defects of the goods were caused by circumstances for which the seller is not responsible, a buyer will be obliged to reimburse the costs of the examination, storage, and transportation of the goods.