1. Subject of the Document 

1.1. The licensor agrees to grant the licensee the right to use the services of this Site.

1.2. Exclusive rights for the services of this Site belong to the licensor.

1.3. Licensee has the right to exercise the right to use the services of this Site.

2. Rights and Requirements of the Parties 

2.1. The licensor is allowed to:

2.1.1. Perform any actions related to the functioning of this Site, according to its purpose, namely:

– provide the licensee with remote access to the services of this Site;

– provide access to the information generated by the operation of this Site to generate consolidated reports;

– provide the services of this Site in commercial activities.

2.2. Licensees are obliged:

2.2.1. Use the services of this Site only within the rights and in the ways provided in this Document;

2.2.2. Perform the payment for this document according to its terms.

2.3. The licensor is obliged:

2.3.1. From the time the licensee fulfills its payment obligations, provide him with the necessary services;

2.3.2. Provide information regarding the provision of the services by email and hotline. Up-to-date email addresses and phone numbers are available on this Site;

2.3.3. To solve problems in the provision of the Site services, which arose through the fault of the Licensor, based on the licensee’s application, except for the cases of the licensee’s violation of the established rules.

3. Procedure for Service Provision 

3.1. A licensee registers on this Site. After this, he receives the information for access to the services of this Site by email from the licensor.

3.2. The licensor provides licensees with the payment for the services. The beginning of this period is calculated from the date of payment receipt from the licensee according to the terms of this document.

4. Price Terms

4.1. The service costs are outlined in the price list, which can be found at https://assetsandgraphics.com.

4.2. Payment is carried out on the order of 100% advance payment. In case of ordering of services, payment is made on terms agreed by the parties.

4.3. If the invoice received by the licensee is not paid within the specified term and the price specified in the price list changes, the licensee must be obliged to pay the new price.

4.4. The payment obligations are fulfilled by the licensee on the day of receipt of money to the current licensor account.

4.5. In case of early termination of this Document for any reason, the amount of prepayment made cannot be returned to the licensee.

5. Force Majeure

5.1. In case of force majeure circumstances, which include natural disasters, accidents, fires, riots, strikes, military actions, illegal actions of third parties, enactment of legislative acts, governmental resolutions, and orders of public authorities, prohibiting the activities specified in this Document, which prevent the parties from performing their obligations independent of the parties’ will, they must be released from liability for failure to perform their obligations under this Document.

5.2. The party suffering losses due to force majeure may demand from the party subjected to force majeure, documentary evidence of the scale of events, and their influence. 

6. Liability 

6.1. For non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under this Document, the Parties must be liable according to the laws.

6.2. The licensor does not assume any responsibility for the compliance of the services to the purpose of use.

6.3. The licensor is not responsible for:

– the actions of the licensee connected with receiving the services;

– damages of any kind incurred by the licensee due to the loss or disclosure of his data, necessary for access to the provided service;

– the quality of the tools necessary to receive the services if they are organized by the third parties not engaged with the licensor.

6.4. The licensee agrees that it is necessary to use software and equipment produced and provided by third parties to receive the services and the licensor is not responsible for the quality of their work.

6.5. The licensor ensures the basic information security of the licensee’s data.

6.6. The licensor ensures the data backup and archival storage of the licensee’s data. Data backup is made every day.

6.7. If data loss occurs through the fault of the licensor, the licensor must take all necessary measures to restore data.

6.8. If the data loss was caused by the actions of the licensee, data recovery is performed on request sent to the licensor. Data recovery is performed only if it is technically possible.